Why do you provide voter recommendations?

Our purpose is simple:  to provide voter help by identifying the best conservative candidate in each contested Republican primary race and then getting that information to the conservative voters across the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

We list our primary concerns in our motto, “traditional family values, low taxes, and limited government.”  In addition, we believe in judicial restraint, in which judges interpret the law instead of making law.  We are also firmly committed to maintaining the right to keep and bear arms, to a strong national defense, to securing our borders, and to continued victory in the War on Terror.

While we have our preferences, we choose to not make any endorsements in federal elections.  Campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold) has greatly reduced the ability of citizens to spend money supporting or opposing any candidate for a Federal office within 60 days of an election.  These races include President, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives.