Who pays to publicize the recommendations?

We try to mail to Republican primary voters, depending on the funds available.  The website is effective, but actually putting a card into the homes of Republican voters has a much greater impact than if the voters have to locate our recommendations on the Internet.

Direct mail is expensive, so we keep our costs low by using card stock and avoiding glossy color mailers.  We certainly don’t have the financial resources to mail the cards without help, so we do solicit and accept donations from others.  To avoid any appearance of selling our endorsement, we do not accept contributions from the candidates we are recommending, their families, or their campaigns.

In accordance with Texas election law, we are registered with the state of Texas as a state political action committee (PAC).  We file regular required reports with the Texas Ethics Commission.

If you desire to support this effort, please mail your donations to:

          DFW Conservative Voters

          P. O. Box 173065

          Arlington, Texas  76003

Donations to DFW Conservative Voters are not tax deductible.