Why don’t you include the Presidential, U.S. Senate, and U.S. Congressional races?

McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform prohibits us from endorsing in any federal races, because we are not a federal PAC (political action committee.)

Why don’t you include the other races on the ballot?

We include only contested races with two or more candidates on the ballot.  We do this to save space and postage when we mail our green card.

Why don’t you cover local elections, like city and school board?

There are so many cities and school districts in Tarrant County that the job of endorsing candidates in those elections would be overwhelming.  We are volunteers who don’t have the time to cover so many races.

Why don’t you do a card in the November general election?

Our purpose is to highlight the best conservative candidates from the others who are running in the Republican primary.  Since the November ballot lists party affiliation and only one Republican is running in each race, we believe voters can determine the best candidate without our card.

Why don’t I always get a card before the primary?

We mail to voters who voted in one or more previous Republican primaries, and the more consistent Republican primary voters are the most likely to receive our card.  The number of voters we mail to depends on availability of funds.  Also, if you have moved and did not change your registration but simply registered again, you may not be on our list.

What campaign finance laws do you follow?

We follow the laws of the state of Texas regarding a general purpose PAC (political action committee.)  We file required reports on contributions and expenditures with the state ethics committee.

Can I duplicate the card?

Yes, provided that NO CHANGES are made to our selections.

Are donations tax deductible?

No, they aren’t deductible.  We are not a charitable organization but a political action committee (PAC).