DFW Conservative Voters offers recommendations of the best conservative candidates on the ballot in the Republican primary across the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We started in Tarrant County in 1998 and have increased the span of our effort as time and resources have permitted.

The primary system can be confusing, because none of the candidates on the ballot has a party label next to his name; they’re all supposed to be Republicans.  Voters who haven’t decided on a race have no clues to a candidate’s political philosophy from the ballot itself.  To make matters more challenging, liberals and Democrats often run as “Republicans” in the Republican primary, regardless of their real political philosophy.

We list our recommendations for each race on a small green postcard.  The small cards are simple, listing the races in the order they appear on the ballot.  They are easy to read, and it’s legal to carry them into the voting booth.  To comply with Texas election laws, we formed DFW Conservative Voters PAC (political action committee) so that we could raise and spend money to print and distribute the cards.

We mail to Republican primary voters.  The quantity printed and mailed depends on the funds available.  We’ve also started this website to make our choices more easily available and to verify our choices when counterfeit cards are distributed (yes, it has happened!)  We do permit duplication of our cards, provided that NO CHANGES are made.

We take our responsibility as voters very seriously, because “we, the people” are the ones who choose those who govern us.  We must choose well, for all of us live with the result of those choices, whether good or bad.